Winterport Historical Society 183 Main Street, PO Box 342 Winterport, Maine 04496

Our meetings are held the second Monday of each month, October through May. During the months of July and August the museum is open from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm each Tuesday. If you require access to our collections at any time, please contact our archivist, Theodora Weston at 223-5556.

In early 2005 our organization applied for and received a grant from MBNA to complete painting of the WHA museum. It was necessary to have some siding replaced and in addition we painted/restored building, the generous grant and the painting and repairs by local contractors.

Additional papers relating to the Page family have been donated and have been reviewed by our archivist. Numerous photographs have been added to our collections and we would like to thank residents and non-residents for their contributions.

The Winterport Town Council recently presented the Winterport Historical Association with a sign from the bridge at Bald Hill Cove. One side of the sign has the year the bridge was constructed (1910), Built by Canton Bridge Co., Canton, Ohio, on the other side, Winterport Township and the names of three selectmen. (The Town of Winterport 1910 -1911 Forty Ninth Annual Report: Town Warrant Art. 31 --To see if the Town will vote to rebuild the bridge at Bald Hill Cove and what kind of material shall be used for same.) The sign was donated by Debbie and Galen Wellman.

WHA received donations from our members and participated in the 2005 Winterport Woman's Club Mile Long Yard Sale. The revenue we receive helps pay for our water/sewage fees and electricity.

Some of the programs presented during our 2005-2006 season: Steve Weston, Conservator from Winthrop, presented a very interesting program pertaining to 19th century decorative finishes. He has worked in historic buildings and restored mantelpieces, doors, etc., using various techniques. The history of Mount Hope Cemetery, presented by the superintendent, was of great interest. We enjoyed Christmas music with the Hampden Academy Choral Members and learned more about shipbuilding on the Penobscot River from Jon Johansen, Publisher of Maine Coastal News. The collection of books, photographs, etc., he brought and displayed at the meeting was an excellent lesson in history. John Harrington, Jr., Attorney At Law, presented a slide program featuring Winterport Houses and businesses. The area has many beautiful historic homes once belonging to sea captains, ship builders, merchants, etc.

During the 2006-2007 season we plan to include programs about Winterport farms, orchards, and fishing and lumber production during the 1800s and early 1900s. Tons of hay, ice, apples, fish, etc., were shipped to many ports from wharfs here in Winterport. Some cargo was loaded on ships built in Winterport, owned by local investors, and in command of sea captains from this area.

Interested in the history of our historic town? Our archivist has recently updated "Historic Winterport" and the booklet is available at the Winterport Historical Association Museum and at the Town Office.

The historical association has 63 members. If you would like to become a member, please contact our Membership Chairperson, Susan Rizza 223-3996. The October 2006-2007, membership fee is $5 per individual.

President: Abbie Stover
Vice President: Charles Rizza
Secretary: Susan Rizza
Treasurer: Jean DaSilva
Archivist: Theodora Weston
Directors: John Harrington, Jr., Christina Earley, Manuel DaSilva

Disclaimer: The Town of Winterport provides links to our residents on our site for educational and informational purposes and by no means are an endorsement by the Town of a candidate, political party, point of view, business, or ideology.