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Winterport's 50th Nativity Pageant

This is a milestone year for our annual Nativity Pageant and we are looking for individuals to fill 17-20 spots for this two night presentation.  We are also asking past participants to come and join the activities in hopes of "filling the Hill" with those who have participated over the years.  Let's make this Pageant one for the history...


We would like to welcome Luke Chiavelli as the Town's new Code Enforcement Officer and Plumbing Inspector.  He is replacing Richard Babine who retired this year.  Luke also covers Verona Island and the Town of Orland.  Luke will be in the office every Tuesday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Historical Society Image

Historical Society

Images from the Historical Society's collection?

Veterans Day 2007 Image

Veterans Day 2007

Memorial Day 2007  Image

Memorial Day 2007

Winterport Goblins 2007  Image

Winterport Goblins 2007

Music Festival 2007 Image

Music Festival 2007

Winterport Goblins 2006  Image

Winterport Goblins 2006

Music Festival 2006  Image

Music Festival 2006

Winterport Nativity 2007 Image

Winterport Nativity 2007

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