Town Meeting Agenda / Minutes

July 2019

tcagenda071619.pdf (PDF, 614 KB)

tcminutes070219.pdf (PDF, 393 KB)

tcagenda070219.pdf (PDF, 280 KB)

June 2019

tcminutes061819.pdf (PDF, 310 KB)

tcagenda61819.pdf (PDF, 41 KB)

tcminutes060419.pdf (PDF, 297 KB)

tcagenda060419.pdf (PDF, 274 KB)

April 2019

tcbcagenda43019.pdf (PDF, 254 KB)

tcminutes042319.pdf (PDF, 350 KB)

tcAgenda42319.doc (Text, 68 KB)

tcminutes40919.pdf (PDF, 288 KB)

March 2019

tcagenda32619.pdf (PDF, 340 KB)

tcminutes31219.pdf (PDF, 356 KB)

tcagenda31219.pdf (PDF, 340 KB)

February 2019

tcminutes22619.pdf (PDF, 488 KB)

tcagenda22619 (PDF, 343 KB)

January 2019

tcagenda12919.pdf (PDF, 271 KB)

tcminutes12919.pdf (PDF, 281 KB)

tcminutes11619 (PDF, 288 KB)

tcagenda11619 (PDF, 277 KB)

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