Fire Department

Phil Foley (Fire Chief Fire Warden) 
Ben Verrill (Assistant Fire Chief)

Fire & JAWS Personnel

  • Stephen Cooper
  • Cody Curtis
  • Thomas Doe
  • Marilyn Doe
  • Zach El-Hajj
  • Phil Foley
  • Phil Higgins
  • Dick Libby
  • Frank Lowe
  • Gerald Lowe
  • Angie Rogers
  • Will Shibles
  • Tom Skratt
  • Marcia Skratt
  • Brian Spaulding
  • William Rogers
  • Chuck Sisson
  • Ben Verrill
  • Arthur West
  • Brittany Whittlesey

Important Links

Risk Watch

Developed by NFPA, gives teachers, parents, and safety advocates the tools they need to teach kids the skills and knowledge necessary to make positive choices every day and prepare them for unexpected events.

National Fire Protection Association

NFPA serves as the world's leading advocate of fire prevention and is an authoritative source on public safety.

Smokey the Bear

*Fire prevention tips for kids *Coloring pages to print

Kid Source

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