Pet Information

Municipal Clerks & Dog Recorders Calendar

All dogs in Winterport over 6 months of age must be registered with the Town Office.  You will need to provide proof of rabies vaccination and proof of sterilization, if applicable.  Dogs need to be re-registered every year and this can be done at the Town Office anytime after October 15th for the new year. 

October 15th

Start licensing dogs for the new year
$11.00 for Male/Female
$ 6.00 for Neuter/Spay


February 1st

Late fees for dog licensing takes effect.  $25.00


February 1st – April 1st

Complete “Municipal Warrant for Prosecuting Unlicensed Dog Owners/Keepers”


By July 1st

Return “Municipal Warrant for Prosecuting Unlicensed Dog Owners/Keepers Questionnaire”


***When off of your property all dogs must be on a leash or under verbal command per Maine State Law.***

Important Animal Links

Dog Officer :  David Nason 745-2179 (cell phone)

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

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